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One of the earliest dreams I remember is a dream I had regularly for several years when I was very young. In this dream, I was taking my parents’ car to meet my friend Vivian and her dog Gramatik in the forest. I remember that during most of my time with them, I played a lot with Gramatik, an extremely friendly and playful crossbred dog. Since then, dogs have always had a very important place in my life.  

But how can we live and communicate with other living beings? And, more precisely, what can I understand about my dog through my human eyes? 

My Bachelor project is a work of analysis and of understanding the behavior of my dog, Java, during our daily walks. The aim is to get closer to my dog through mutual respect and the attempt to put myself in her place by trying to understand why we stop during our walks. When one of us stops, the other has to stop too, even if she doesn’t necessarily understand why. So I decided to make a photo assignment out of it and take a photo of every single thing that would seem to be the cause of our stops. 

Mentorat: Tina Reden
Mentorat Extern: Viktoriya Boss


Collaboration with Java
Exchange: Sophie Garnier